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Masonic Libraries

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AMMLA - Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives in Europe


C.E.D.O.M. - Centre d'études et de Documentation Maçonniques (Grand Orient of Belgium)


The Library and Museum of Freemasonry - London                    Information leaflets in pdf:


The Masonic Province of Devon - Provincial Library


Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset Reference Library  -  Parkstone, Poole


The Kent Library and Museum of Freemasonry - Canterbury


Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex Masonic Library


The Jersey Masonic Library and Museum  -  Stopford Road, St.Helier
the oldest such institution in Great Britain


Worcestershire Masonic Library and Museum Trust



Masonic Library Grand Lodge of France  -  Paris,en/


Masonic Library Grand Orient of France  -  Paris


The Library of the Deutschen Freimaurermuseum - Bayreuth


Masonic Library and Museum of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy - Rome



Grand East Netherlands Library



The Masonic Collection of Poznań University Library  -  Poznań


Bibliotheca Masonica August Belz - BMAB - St.Gallen


The Library of the GL of Canada in the Province of Ontario  Hamilton


The Library of the Grand Lodge of Alberta, AF & AM, Canada


Manitoba Masonic Library - Winnipeg


Masonic Library & Museum Association (MLMA)


Henry W Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry  -  San Francisco


Cleveland Masonic Library - Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite


Detroit Masonic Temple Library - Detroit Michigan


Illinois Lodge of Research Library


Indiana Masonic Library


Masonic Library of Grand Lodge of Iowa


Grand Lodge of Kansas Library


Grand Lodge of Montana Library


New York Grand Lodge Library

The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library
(of the Grand Lodge (F&AM) of the State of New York)

Grand Lodge of Maine Library   click for Library Holdings - xls

The Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library (at the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts)

Michigan Masonic Museum and Library - Grand Rapids, Michigan

New Jersey - Trenton Masonic Temple Library and Museum


Ohio Grand Lodge Masonic Library
hosted by Bridgeport Lodge n° 181

The Masonic Library & Museum of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia

Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library

North Texas Masonic Historical Museum and Library - Plano, TX

Brazos Valley Masonic Library and Museum  -  College Station, Texas

Grand Lodge of Virginia Library, Museum & Historical Foundation
Allen E. Roberts Masonic Library

George Washington Masonic Memorial


North East Wisconsin Masonic Library & Museum - Green Bay WI



Library of the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Perú


Grand Lodge of Western Australia Library


Grand Lodge of New Zealand Freemasons Library  -  Auckland West District

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