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S T U D Y    C I R C L E S

Masonic Study Circles



Southchurch Masonic Study Circle Essex, England
Dormer Masonic Study Circle London, England
Preston Masonic Study Circle Preston, England
Sheffield University
Centre for Research into Freemasonry
Sheffield, England
Carnforth Masonic Study Circle Carnforth, Engand
Manchester Association for Masonic Research Manchester, England
Newcastle Masonic Study Circle Newcastle, England
Stafford Masonic Study Circle Stafford, England  
Centro Ibérico de Estudios Masónicos
     (Iberian Centre for Masonic Studies)
Madrid, Spain
Toronto Society for Masonic Research
Acacia Masonic Study Circle Madras, India
Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge Masonic Research Circle ChennaiIndia
Kring Nieuw Holland
Circle New Holland
Melbourne, Victoria AUS
Sunshine Coast Masonic Study Circle Queensland  

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